Friday, April 16, 2010

Packing up some clothes

Is it silly that I get nostalgic when I pack away the clothes that Caroline has grown out of? I had the hardest time putting away her newborn stuff. I couldn't even bring myself to put them in a Rubbermaid container in her closet for awhile. I packed them away in one of her dresser drawers until I needed it for some other stuff. Now, it's time to pack up the 3 month clothes...well, most of them anyway. She can still fit into her little blue jeans and her shirts. Her pj's and onesies are getting a little short since she grew those 3 inches (the pj's include the very first thing I bought the day I found out we were having our Caroline--so sad to see them go...). Even if she could still fit in all of it, I need to pack it away because this child has a massive amount of clothing in the 6 month size. I hope her growing slows down a bit so she can actually wear all of it! She used to spend the whole day in pj's a lot of the time, but now I try to dress her everyday so she can get it all worn. I'm officially addicted to buying baby's a debilitating disease. :-) After packing up and washing the new stuff, I am officially cutting myself off from buying anything Caroline can wear in the near, stuff for next summer, that's a completely different story!!


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