Monday, December 6, 2010

1 year old!

I started the day off yesterday by singing Happy Birthday to my baby girl. I'll admit, I shed a couple of tears. What a year this has been! One year ago, I was really sick and didn't even know it. I had preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. We were so lucky that this happened when I was 39 weeks pregnant, and that Caroline was full term and healthy. I have loved every second of being a mommy, even the rough patches. All of those phases that you think will never end eventually do, and you end up with this fun 1 year old who is learning and discovering new things every single day. It's amazing! She cracks me (and herself) up daily! Here are her monthly facts:

*This child "talks" nonstop! As a speech therapist, I am thrilled. As a mom, I think my ears might fall off--just kidding...I love it!

*She can say "thank you" when she feels like it.

*She can drink out of a straw. We're working on milk from a cup but haven't quite gotten there yet.

*She's not much of an eater. She still loves grapes, bananas, and yogurt. And that's about it. Everything else is hit or miss. She has had her first sandwiches (grilled cheese and pimento and cheese) and seems to like eating "big girl" food.

*She's starting to walk! It's just a couple of steps, but she's very proud of herself when she does it.

*She loves the phone. She "talks" on my old cell phone and her toy phone ALL day. I even caught her texting along beside me!

*She has 8 teeth (but 2 of them are just barely peeking out).

*She has started initiating peek-a-boo with her washcloth in the cute!

*Last week, she was doing great signing (and trying to say) "all done" when she finished her meal. This week, not so much.

I'm sure there's more, but my brain is tired! I'll have to update height and weight next week after her 1 year check up on the 17th.

My new owl hat!

Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel

She moves so much when she sleeps, she wriggled out of her pillowcase dress!

My 1st sandwich

Hanging out with Max


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