Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monthly Pictures

Here is our munchkin's pictures from the past 6 months. It really makes you see how much she's changed and grown-up. To keep up with her, I'd have to blog She learns something new or says something new daily. Here are a few Caroline facts for the moment: *She's sassy. Very sassy. Usually only to Mommy though, which I guess is a good thing. Her new favorite saying is "okay, okay" with a very teenager tone when I ask her to do something. Just realized she learned this from her favorite tv show (Doc McStuffins) even though she blamed it on her teacher, Ms. Brittney. *She weighs around 28 pounds and is around 33 inches tall. *Her favorite toy is her doctor kit Grandmama gave her for Christmas. She likes to give us and all of her babies check-ups and figure out our "diagnosis". :-) *The kids still isn't a fan of eating unless it's junk food (which she doesn't get too often). She loves mac and cheese, Cheerios, waffles, pancakes, and Perdue whole grain chicken nuggets/strips. She also likes broccoli (most of the time) and even asked for seconds one time! She is more willing to try things now though. *Her two best friends stopped going to Gymboree Play & Learn so we started going to Art class instead. She LOVES to paint and draw. *She's really into music these days. She marches, sings, and pretends that everything is some kind of instrument. She also loves to make up songs...that make no sense! *She says the funniest things! On the way home from church today, she said, "Daddy, are you thinking what I'm thinking?". A few months ago while she was going to the potty, she tooted and said, "I got my hiney". As soon as she goes to time out, she cries and says, "I'm weady to wisten to you Mommy". If she thinks John is being mean to me, she tells him, "Be nice to my Mommy. She's a sweet Mommy". There are a million more that I need to write down and add so I don't forget them. *She's still modeling for Smockadot Kids and will bust out her SK pose (hands on hips, cute smile) on command. This is great when I'm trying to get a picture of her and she's being crazy! *She loves to sleep. Gotta love that! She goes to bed around 8:30 and will sleep until around 8:30 and still take a 2-3 hour nap. *She asks to cuddle in my bed at night. Usually once a week after bathtime, we'll lay in bed for an episode of Doc McStuffins. *She calls Eskimo kisses "snuggly kisses. *One night while we were praying, she asked what "amen" meant. I told her it was like saying bye to God at the end of your prayer. Now when we're finished, she will say "amen, bye God, amen". *She has an awesome imagination. I want her to be like Bonnie on Toy Story with all of her toys. :-) *She loves to read. At night, I read a book and then she "reads" it to me. She also reads to her babies a lot. It's so cute! *She is sweet and funny and kind and my favorite person!


Owen and Erin

love the last line of this entry! She is adorable :)

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