Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girl's Day

Well, yesterday John had a boy's day with a couple of guys he graduated from law school with. They went to Daytona to watch some Nascar racing--ugh! Glad he had fun, but I think I had a much better day. Caroline and I had our 1st girl's day. :-) We went to an infant massage class where I learned how to rub her down and make her sleepy! She was one slippery baby with the grape seed oil that we used! Then, I needed to run a couple of errands and had my fingers crossed that she wouldn't start crying like she normally does in stores. Apparently, the massage worked because she was nice and quiet and then fell asleep! We made it to 3 stores--Babies R Us, Target, and Old Navy. We bought some new bottles, a St. Patrick's Day bib, a couple of outfits for Caroline, new yoga pants for Mama (for me to be lazy around the house, not actually to do yoga in!), and a Valentine's Day happy for Daddy. And then my little sweetie slept for 6 hours last night, woke up, ate, and then slept for about 3 more! Woo hoo!!



Isn't great when you only get excited about buying stuff for other people, like your kiddos and husband, then you know you are really a moma when buying yoga pants (to not do you yoga in) make your day!


Wow--I can't wait for the day Charlie sleeps 6 hours! He usually has one 3 hour period of sleep during the night, but at least he (usually) just wakes up, eats, and goes back to sleep (on my chest, by the way!)

The Haines

I'm so glad you are blogging! Now I can keep up with you!


I also have (live in) Yoga pants and I don't do yoga! They are the best! Love it!

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