Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our trip to Hernando

Well, Caroline's 1st plane ride was a success! She did great on the flight there and back. We only had a few minutes of crying during the 1 hour and 45 minute trip. Mommy was very relieved! I also had many nice people in the airports help me with the mountain of stuff required to travel with an infant--car seat, stroller frame, diaper bag, and backpack...whew! I've found out that I am definitely not the main attraction when I go home anymore. When I got off the plane, my mom's complete focus was on Caroline. Guess that's to be expected! I'm surprised I've been able to put her down since we got back home since she was constantly being held, talked to, and fussed over for 8 days. She got to see her grandparents (Grandmama & Grandaddy) and 2 aunts (Roro & Andy) and 1 cousin (Erin) again, and then got to meet another aunt (Alicia) and cousin (Meagan) and uncle (Mike)...along with tons of extended family and friends. She also had a lot of firsts while we were there--1st time going to church, 1st time wearing a dress, 1st time in a restaurant, and 1st time to sleep a looooong night (from 10:30-8:45!). Caroline has also decided that she's too little to lay down all the time. She wants to sit up or stand up so she can check out everything that's going on around her. When she was laying propped up on her Boppy, she almost pulled herself up to sitting! Little Miss Nosy--fits right in with our family! She thinks my dad is super funny and will stop crying immediately and coo and smile and talk when he talks to her. I missed John and Max while we were gone, but it was sure hard to leave. I really wish that we could move closer to my family so that they could be an even bigger part of Caroline's life.



It is so hard to live far from family, especially with little ones. So cute about Caroline being "nosey" -- seems to be a girl thing. Luke's "girlfriend" practically does Pilates trying to strain to see everything. Luke on the other hand is loud like a boy -- he squeals VERY loudly. The plane ride next Wednesday should be fun for all involved! Pray for us (and the other passengers!). Glad to hear your trip went well!

The Haines

Dara, I'm so glad you had a good visit with your family.. I know they were sad to see you guys leave too! It is definitely hard raising children away from family. We took little things like just a couple hours of babysitting so we could go to dinner.. not anymore! Can't wait to see more pics of Caroline!

Owen and Erin

I do love the part about being nosey. I agree with Melanie, it must be a girl thing. Andrew is so laid back. He does like to be propped up in a chair or bobby, but is pretty content just being there. I am so glad the trip went well.

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