Friday, July 9, 2010

Super busy couple of weeks!

Well, this post is a little late, but that seems to be my MO these days! Last week was a fun and busy week for us. John's friend, Samit was in town last Monday, so he got to meet Miss Caroline and have dinner with us. On Tuesday, I had a fantastic lunch with my Jax ladies at The French Pantry, the BEST lunch place around here! Lunch was supposed to be followed by swimming, but the daily rain nixed those plans. On Wednesday, my friends and I went to get our vampire/warewolf fix and saw Eclipse. Loved it!! On Thursday, we threw my friend, Amy, a bachelorette party. We went to a place called Yes You Canvas to paint a fleur-de-lis picture. It was awesome because we had the place to ourseleves for our snacks and silliness. Then we hit a couple of bars and played some games. Fun times! And then on Friday, my mom, sister (Roro), and niece (Erin) came to visit. Here was our daily rundown of fun-ness:

Saturday--shopping!! We went to the mall for lunch and a little shopping.
Sunday--4th of July--we went to see Eclipse, a tad more shopping, and then grilled out for the 4th and went to see the fireworks. (In case you're wondering--yes, we did take Caroline. She did great, but it was so hard keeping her awake til it started!!)
Monday--St. Augustine--we went on a "train" tour of the city, walked around the touristy area, and stopped by the outlet mall.
Tuesday--rested!! Well, we did go to Target, Belk, and Publix...
Wednesday--I had to work, so my family got to baby-sit. And I'm sure they didn't spoil Caroline at all...wink, wink. :-)

They headed home on Thursday, and we headed to the doctor for the 2nd time in a week. Last Thursday, Caroline was so lethargic and just laying in my lap. This is totally unlike her and really freaked me out. She had a low grade fever, and the nurse practioner said her throat looked a little gunky. She said to keep her hydrated and give meds as needed for the fever. She was back to her old self on Friday, thank goodness. Then, yesterday she woke up with a 103 fever but only acting a little fussy and clingy. Called the doctor and headed in again. This time, her throat was fine, but she had an ear infection in her left ear. So, we've been fighting to get her fever down and antibiotics in for the past 2 days. I'm really hoping her fever will be gone tomorrow! I should add what a great experience the doctor's office was last week--the nurse and I had to hold her down while the NP examined her. Not fun!

Our beautiful paintings :-)

4th of July outfit

Watching the fireworks

Cutie on the train



Yeah Caroline! Happy month day --- she is getting so big! Crawling! I can't believe Luke turns one in a little over a week! We are having a baby party, nine baby girls and Luke! He wanted to let Caroline know that his heart still belongs to her though (although I am sure that is what he tells all the ladies!)

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