Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's Day, Swimming, Birthday Party...Oh My!

We've had a busy week! We celebrated John's 1st Father's Day by going to eat at The Blue Crab Crabhouse where he got to eat steamed blue crabs by smacking them with a hammer. It's something he's always wanted to do! Thank goodness for Google on my iPhone that we used to make sure he was doing it correctly. :-) Caroline was a really good girl during our long dinner, even though she had a little cold. On Wednesday, one of my best friends from grad school, Melanie, and her 2 boys came up for a visit. We had a great time hanging out! Wyatt, her 4 year old, was so good and sweet with Caroline. It was so cute to watch him playing with her, and she was totally in love with him. Hudson, her 9 month old, wasn't feeling too hot...well, I take that back, he was feeling very hot because the poor little guy kept running a high, mysterious fever. We did get to go swimming with my friend, Melissa, and her roomie and niece on Thursday before Mel had to cut her visit short. Today we went to a birthday party for my friend's little girl, Maddie. It was a lot of fun! There was a big pool, kiddie pool, water slide, and bouncy house. Too bad Caroline is still too little for all the fun stuff! But I had a great time hanging out with some more friends from work and all of their kiddos! Wish I could rest up tomorrow, but I'm getting my hair done (I know, I know--poor me! Ha!). We've got a super busy week coming up. Stay tuned!

all ready for John's Father's Day dinner (yes, that is her first official bow in her hair...didn't last too long since it was barely hanging in there!)

John and his baby girl :-)

Hudson & Caroline--had to give them our sunglasses to get them to cooperate for the picture!

Maddie, the birthday girl, and her mommy, Karin

so super impressed with Karin's cake!

Michael was trying to help Caroline figure out this whole crawling thing


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