Sunday, August 8, 2010

8 months

Wow! I know I say this every month, but time is flying by! 8 months?! Where did the time go?? Since last month, John and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary (spent the day at the beach as a family and then had a date night--dinner and a movie), some of my family came to visit for a few days around July 4, and John started his new job. Good times around the Campbell house! Here are our monthly facts:

* Caroline is a crawling machine. Go around things? No way--she crawls right over them.

* She is pulling up on everything she can get ahold of...her toy table, the coffee table, TV trays (NOT a good thing), the dishwasher door, the side of the bathtub (definitely NOT a good thing!)...

* She can clap, wave, and hold her own bottle.

* She loves to bang things, chew things, pull things, and rip paper.

* She has discovered the dog/cat food and has put a piece in her mouth once. Thankfully, I saw her do it and John was able to fish it out quickly.

* I am making my own baby food, and Caroline loves all the fruit I've made but isn't so crazy about the veggies (but likes the ones in the jar).

* She can feed herself puffs and yogurt melts. We've tried diced bananas and blueberries with a little luck.

*She is starting to cruise a little after she pulls up. Maybe she'll be an early walker like her, wait! I'm not ready for that!

* She eats 4-7oz bottles and 3 baby food meals a day.

* She weighs around 17 lbs.

* We started swimming lessons on Saturday. She's the youngest one by far but seemed to have fun.

* She started making some new sounds and said "mama" tonight!

* Caroline doesn't like to rock or cuddle anymore at bedtime. When the light goes off, she's ready for her crib (where she usually changes positions about 53 times during the night). I'm not of a fan of the no cuddling!

**I apologize in advance for the shots of me in a bathing suit!!

Playing in the ocean

Pulling up

Holding her own bottle

Playing at Gymboree

Swimming lessons


Owen and Erin

Great post! I can't believe they are 8 months either. She is so cute Dara.

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