Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"This whole parenting thing is a crapshoot."

really old picture but it's the only one I have of all 3 of them!

This is a favortite saying between my friend, Kristin, and myself. We are both 1st time moms--as you know, I have my darling Caroline and she has cutie pie twin boys, Mason & Jace, who are almost 8 months old. We compare stories, notes, and horror stories at work, through Facebook, texts, and during playdates. Everything is a big mystery to us. And I'm hoping it's not just this a common theme among 1st time moms?? Here are a few of the mysteries we try to fumble through togther...or as Kristin put it today: the blind leading the blind. :-)

When do we take away the notorious 4th bottle? Actually, neither of us had really thought about this until another friend (NOT a 1st time mom!) brought it up.

When they have lots of green snot, I mean more than you think those tiny little heads should be able to hold, and are coughing but not running a fever, do you call the doctor? And if you do, is there a big, red note in your child's file that reads: "CRAZY NEUROTIC MOTHER!!!!"?

Solids--what, when, how much??? Puree or just chop? What can we give our kids to snack on that's not a hunk of carbs (aka--puffs, Goldfish, Mum Mums, veggie sticks...aka--all of their favorite things). Is it really a meal if they only ate 3 green beans, 2 grapes, and 15 kernels of corn?

Nursing (this is all luck on that front for me)--can she really make it for a whole year? Is she a bad mom if she supplements? On a side note...I know that it definitely does NOT make her a bad mom. She is a total rock star for breastfeeding twins!!!

I know that there are a million other things that she and I have talked about, but my tired brain can't remember them all right now. If I think of anymore, I will be sure to add on a postscipt. Lucklily, the thing all of kiddos are good at is sleeping (knock on wood that it continues, and that I didn't just jinx us!). They're also sweet, smart, loving little bundles of happiness...most of the we must be doing something right!!

But, if any of you moms have any advice/suggestions, bring it on! :-)



Ok, I was a 1st time mom so I may not be the best one to give advice...

I know a friend who nursed (in decreasing amounts) well past 2 years of age.

My child LOVED cut up grape tomatoes, grapes, apples, cheese sticks, and bananas (cut into tiny trianglesof course.

If you add cereal to the bottles, start leaving it out and magically they will not want it and the more you decrease the bottles they will naturally increase the amount of real food they eat. This may take a while but don't worry they won't allow themselves to go hungry for long.

Justt relax...everyone was a 1st time Mom and look at all the kids that have survuved! :)

The Breen's

Yay for having another 1st time Mommy friend. They are the best. I have one too and we do the same thing y'all do. I don't know where I'd be without her for the last 2 years!!
I stressed about eating SO MUCH, I think I made myself crazy. I finally listened to the doctor and other, more experienced moms, out there and let her eat as much or little as she wanted (referring to your "3 green bean, etc." comment). There are days now where she eats almost nothing for dinner and then like last night, where she cleaned her plate!!
Caroline looks fabulous and you are doing a great job!! If we didn't stress about our babies and worry, we wouldn't be doing our jobs as mommies!! :)

The Haines

wow- hats off to your friend Kristin for nursing twins! I barely produce enough to keep one alive ;). You tell her that I have supplemented with all of mine and none of them have ever been on an antibiotic. Those lactation gurus can be a little overzealous. You are both doing great!

Owen and Erin

this is a great post. Emailing you is on my to do list (seriously...I know that is sad, but it is). I wanted to pick your brain about meals. How much solid food to do you give Caroline? Also, I guess I just figured the 4th bottle would go away when they all do at a year.

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