Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun Friday!

It was a rough morning at the Campbell household. Caroline was in full force teen mode--soooooo moody! She was as happy as she could be one minute and then crying the next. Heaven help me if this is what I have to look forward to! I figured everything would be better after her morning nap. And it was...until I tried to pry her stuffed Rudolph from her hands so he wouldn't be covered in peanut butter and blueberries during lunch. She clung to that stuffed animal while she ate...well, until he made her mad and she threw him in the floor and cried. But he was quickly forgiven because she would then reach for him and plead for me to hand him to her. We finally solved this by wheeling her highchair in front of the TV to watch a little Mickey Mouse while Rudolph was banished to the dining room. I will point out that our day definitely got better with our Gymboree class and a trip to the park to enjoy springtime in February! Oh, and yes, good ol' Rudolph took the trip with us (but he did have to hang out in the stroller while we played...with no tears from little miss priss!).

She was convinced Rudolph HAD to sit with her at lunch!

Helping Ailish clean up the balls for Miss Stephanie

Finally figuring out how to get out of the tunnel without a face plant involved

Love this expression!

I love this kid!

There are bubbles in the air, in the air...

Helping Miss Stephanie shake the parachute

Playin' at the park

"I see a bird!"

She loved exploring!

Walking across the bridge



Georgia is such a moody teenager herself, I was hoping to avoid that for at least anothe 10 years.

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