Sunday, April 17, 2011

16 Months (and 12 days)

Ok, so I swear I woke up one morning and my baby didn't look like a baby anymore. She looks like a little girl. I don't think I'm ready for this. She is so much fun to be around! I took her to daycare the other day so I could spend a day cleaning and realized that it was the 1st time in 16 months that I had been in our house without her. It was a very strange feeling. She has sooooo much personality...which can be a good or a bad thing. :-) Here are her monthly facts:

*She weighs around 21 pounds (20th percentile), is 31.5 inches tall (75th percentile), and her head circumference is 17.8 inches (25th percentile).

*I can't even begin to list all of her new words. The doctor asked me at her well baby check up, "So, how many words is she saying...10? 20?". I said easily 20+ and admitted I was a speech therapist (which means the girl lives in a therapy session!).

*She has said a couple of 2 words phrases (Where Mama? and Dada sit).

*She is starting to repeat more words, with and without being asked to.

*She has too many teeth to count! I think we're at 16 now. I don't get my hand too close because those things hurt!

*She loves playing mommy. She calls all of her stuffed animals and dolls "baby". She lays them on their mat to take naps, covers them up, and says "night night". She also wants me to put bibs on them, and she feeds them and gives them drinks from bottles or cups. It's so cute!

*She got in trouble on Thursday for trying to bite a little girl who took her toy away. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened before that. She likes to "bite" any toy/object she's near when she gets mad.

*She's a major drama queen! She throws approximately 17 tantrums a day. :-) It's gotten a little better the past couple of days. She lays on the floor and cries like she's so mistreated when something doesn't do like she wants it to.

*She says "Mama" unsolicited now. Usually when she's upset or 1st thing in the morning I hear "mama, mama, mama" over and over. I love it!

*She can show you her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, hear, belly, feet, hands, and teeth (sometimes).

*We're working on brushing teeth. I give her toothbrush to "use" and then attempt to scrub around with a finger brush.

*She loves to dance and has thing funny little shimmy that she does (I know a few of you who will appreciate that--lol!).

*We went for her post-op follow up appointment on Wednesday and found out the tube in her right ear had tilted. The doctor had to reposition it, and we have to go back in a month to have it re-checked.

I'm sure there are a million other things I could add, but I just remembered I have a bunch of notes to write for work. Fun, fun. Hope you enjoyed the monthly Caroline update. :-)

She looks so old here!

Pigtails with bows!

Mad because she was having trouble climbing up

She loves sliding!

So cold in KY!


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