Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Day of Firsts

Today was my and John's anniversary. 7 years...doesn't feel like that long! Since he was out of town for work, Caroline and I celebrated with her first trip to the movies. We went to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. I figured it would be a good one to start with since it's only an hour long. We went to the 10:30 am show, so there was only a handful of people in the theater. She did great all through the previews and short movie after the previews. She started to get a little fidgety when the real movie started. She munched on about half a bag of yogurt melts and sat pretty nicely on her little booster...until about halfway through the movie. She was tired of sitting and wanted down! I let her walk around right in front of our seats, and she ended up making it to the end. It actually went pretty well! But I think it will be awhile before we try it again! Here is a pic from the previews:

After the movie, we headed to Babies R Us to pick up a couple of things. I got Caroline a new booster seat so she can sit with us at the big table instead of her high chair. She seemed to like it and only threw her fork and milk at dinner tonight. Much better than a bowl of spaghetti like last night! Here's the big girl:

We've done lots of talking, watching (Elmo potty video), and reading (Once Upon a Potty) about going potty this weekend. I planned on "officially" starting to train her this weekend, but her training pants didn't make it here on Friday (I had to order size 18 months because you can't find them in any store, and the 2T ones seems gigantic). I kept asking her if she wanted to sit on the potty--sometimes she did and sometimes she almost had a break down telling me "no" (drama queen!). Today, after her nap, she seemed excited to go sit on it so we hurried into the bathroom. She sat for a little while and then she peed in the potty! Woo hoo! I praised her, sang a little song, and gave her a Reeses Pieces. She did it again just before her bath tonight! Very exciting times in the life of a mommy!

PS--Since I wrote this post last night, she has used the potty 2 more times! (And almost 1 more--she peed on the floor as soon as I took her diaper off!!)


Owen and Erin

great progress for potty training...we haven't started that yet!

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