Sunday, August 7, 2011

Potty Training Update

Well, it seems like the bootcamp just may have worked. Caroline is in training pants (not Pull Ups) when we're at home. She still has a few accidents but will tell you when she has to potty...sometimes. She sleeps in a diaper and naps/runs errands with me in a Pull Up. She's still in diapers at daycare because I'm not ready for them to have to follow her around with a rag to clean up her puddles. :-) It's not too bad at home since our downstairs is all tile and hardwood. And she usually stands in her self-made puddle until I can get it cleaned up. One day last week she told me that she had to poop, so we hurried to the potty (grabbing her sippy cup of milk and a couple of stuffed animals along the way--she doesn't like to potty empty handed). I thought it was probably a false alarm (her MO has been to tell me this, sit on the potty for a few minutes, and poop almost as soon as training pants are pulled back up), but I almost fell over when she stood up and there was poop in the potty! I sang, did the "you pooped in the potty dance", and gave her a big hug! She got to put 2 stickers on her chart and got 2 Reeces Pieces! I had promised her earlier that morning that she would get the Mickey Mouse balloon she's been eyeing at Publix for a couple of months now if she pooped in the potty. So, that evening after work, we unloaded in the rain and bought the $7 balloon (which she was scared of as soon as we got it home--this was after hugging it in the car). We're heading to Hernando for a few days, so I'm hoping the success continues there...especially since my mom has a lot of carpet!

Caroline and her new balloon

Yea for a full sticker chart!!


Owen and Erin

I am so proud of her!!!

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