Monday, November 7, 2011

2 Months Worth of Updates!

Ok, I know. I am the worst blogger ever these days! Sorry that I've been MIA for almost 2 months. I honestly don't know where the time went. A lot has gone on since my last post. Here are the highlights:

1. My friend, Casey, and her hubby, Brian (who happens to be one of John's good friends) came to visit with their little ones (PJ and Helen) toward the end of September. It was so great catching up and meeting the baby! Loved that the Air Force deployed Brian to Tampa!

2. GIRL'S TRIP!!!! 3 of my best friends and I have been planning this trip since last year, and I was so excited that we finally made it happen. We packed up with the kiddos (minus Luke--we missed you!) and headed to Destin for a long weekend. It was so much fun seeing everyone as mommies. This was my 1st time to meet Andrew and we all got to meet baby Lila. The condo was amazing, the beach was gorgeous and the company couldn't have been better! I was so sad to leave everyone. I really wish that we lived closer than Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and New Jersey...

3. We visited Conner's A-maize-ing Acres for all sorts of fall fun--corn maze, pumpkin patch, farm animals, cow train, hay ride, and a yummy cookie to top it all off!

4. My mom and dad came to visit for a week. Caroline was in heaven with her Grandmama and Grandaddy to spoil her! We hung out, shopped, had car trouble (so glad my Daddy was here since John was out of town), ate veggies from the garden, and went to the park. They also brought the table my sweet Uncle Junie made me when I was a little girl. Caroline loves eating lunch at her big girl table!

5. My birthday was last week, so I decided that we should celebrate by going to the zoo. Caroline was a terror that morning, so I wasn't sure if we would make it there but we finally did! We had a great time! John and I celebrated a couple of days later with a super yummy dinner and super yummy martinis at Bonefish Grill.

6. We took Caroline to the fair this past weekend. She was very solemn on the rides at first but seemed to be having fun. Maybe her face was just frozen since it was so cold and windy! She and I rode everything she was tall enough for. And John and I really enjoyed all the fair food--chicken on a stick, corndog, and fried Oreos!

7. Quick update on me--I had a girl's trip to Orlando in mid-September. I went to see So You Think You Can Dance with some girls from work. But 1st we went to Ikea. This was my first time there. I think I'm in love. :-) I definitely won the award for most stuff bought! The pic of the car is all of our luggage plus our Ikea purchases (most of which are mine) crammed into Kristin's awesome Honda Pilot. I think this should be in their advertising somewhere! I'm making all sorts of fun stuff with my applique machine. Here are some pics, and my organizing goodies I bought at Ikea (sorry for the bad lighting--I was too lazy to turn on the lamp). I've started running. Kristin and I said we were going to run a 5K in November. Guess what--it's November! And it's not happening this month, but we pinkie promised to do on one December 10. Too bad I started my Couch to 5K program about 4 weeks too late! I'm also hosting a trunk sale this week for an awesome company called Smockadot Kids ( This picture of Caroline was taken by one of our patient's moms for the website. Go shopping and put me down as your hostess with the mostest! :-) I know, it's late and I'm super cheesy!

8. Oh, I almost forgot! A big group of us went to a Jags game to support our super awesome patient, Luke, who did the coin toss! How cool is that??? Kristin made our fantastic signs. :-)

Whew! I'm tired! Hope I didn't lose anyone along the way. Tune in tomorrow or Wednesday to read about our Halloween and get Caroline's 22 and 23 month updates.

PS--One more thing, I promise. Last month, I guest posted on my friend's (McCall's) blog. You can check it out here.



Love all the pictures, Caroline is just beautiful!!! You are so talented with all of your craftiness! :)

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