Tuesday, November 15, 2011

22 & 23 Months

This will be another long one since I'm so far behind. Maybe since I'm about to catch up, it won't happen again. Yeah, right! I am still in shock that Caroline is almost 2! She is growing and learning more and more everyday. It is so fun to watch! Here are 2 months worth of Caroline facts:

*She told me "love you, Mommy" without me saying it first! It came out of nowhere and I loved it! She's also starting giving good hugs and actual kisses. Before when you asked her to give you a kiss, she just turned her cheek so that you could kiss her.

*She loves stickers! We've been using them for potty training, and now she has a stash that she's allowed to put in her notepad. That will occupy her for at least 10- 20 minutes.

*She is understanding almost everything you tell her--such a little sponge! She still repeats everything you say and is using so many sentences! I've had a lot of people tell me they're impressed with how much she talks.

*She kind of looks like a drunk kid when she "runs". :-) I've asked my friend who is a PT about this and she swears that she's within normal limits for her age. Guess I'm going to believe you, Kristin! Her fine motor skills rock!

*When she's playing upstairs while I'm getting ready, she opens and closes doors a million times while saying "miss you", "see you tomorrow", or "after while crocodile".

*She is a dancing queen. Apparently, she convinced her Daddy to have a 30 minute dance party the other night while I was out. :-)

*She loves swinging again. She loved it when she was little and then decided it was more fun to push the swing. But now she likes to be on the big kid swing and will actually sit there for a long time.

*She still loves shoes and now loves jewelry. While I'm taking a shower, she will usually have 1-3 pairs of shoes to put on. My mom sent her plastic bracelets (or rings, as she calls them) for Halloween and she got some spider rings while trick or treating, and she loves to put them on a million times a day.

*She got to watch me play softball and loves to play with her softball and glove I gave her (she calls them both "softball game").

*She's eating more and will try almost anything I give her. But won't hesitate to say "don't like (yike) it". She still weighs around 24 pounds.

*She is getting really into drawing, coloring, and painting.

*When she plays with my phone, she holds it to her ear and says "hello", then holds it in front of her and says "cheese" and then asks to watch Fresh Beat on it. Gotta love iPhones!

*Whenever she's playing with her phone and you ask who she's talking to, she usually says "Roro" (my sister).

*She's not watching Toy Story as often but still likes Fresh Beat Band and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She has started watching Olivia and Dinosaur Train too.

*She definitely pays attention to everything. When a commercial came on the other day, she pointed and said "Harry Potter". Yup, you can tell I started reading them and watching a HP marathon not so long ago. :-)

*She's a model now! One of our patient's mom does the photography for a company called Smockadot Kids, and Caroline got to be in a photoshoot! She did great and has been on their FB page and is on their website.

*She loves all things Disney and is in heaven when we go in the Disney store. She can name some of the princesses and all of the Mickey characters. I cannot wait to take her to Disney for her birthday!!

*She was obsessed with her princess Halloween book. I think we read it at least 5 times a day.

*Potty training. Ugh! I shouldn't say that. She's doing really well peeing in the potty (as long as I remember to take her--she will tell me sometimes that she needs to go) but will not poop in the potty. So frustrating! Bribing hasn't worked and when she poops in her pants, she says "I scared poop". Any advice??

*When we're rocking at night, she will stick up her foot and say "piggy" for me to do "this little piggy".

*She's still rear facing in her carseat and will be for awhile longer.

*She's always had a dimple in her left cheek, but I just discovered that she has a little one in her chin like me! :-)

*She loves the Sugarland song "Stuck Like Glue" and will always ask for "song please" whenever we're in the car. She also likes "Sweet Caroline". She sings along with both.

*She can count to 4 by herself and to 11 with a little prompting.

*She went through a phase where she thought everything was blue when you asked her what color it was. Now we're getting different answers, and sometimes they're right!

the princess book--she had to read it before bed and have it 1st thing every morning

This is Minnie she got when she started using the potty like a big girl. :-)

Love how she's all sprawled out!


Owen and Erin

Great updates Dara! She sure is a smart little girl!

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