Friday, April 13, 2012

27 & 28 Months

I really and truly need to blog everyday to keep up with this kiddo. She is always learning something new or saying something funny. I need to keep a running list so I can remember it all whenever I finally get around to updating the blog.

*She is learning to really ride her tricycle. She needs a tiny push and then can do it all by herself. She can steer a little and loves to crash into the beams on our porch.
*She can count to around 14 or 15 and then jumps to "19-20!!" and can say her alphabet with all the letters.
*She has done this ABC puzzle so many times that she can recognize some letters. She usually calls them all "H" but can tell you the picture from the puzzle (ex--she sees the T and says "tie--like daddy wears work").
*She loves her "modeling" she gets to do for Smockadot Kids. Some highlights: telling Ms. Brandi "I take pi-twures", telling me on the way to a photo shoot one day "I not want to smile", and after hearing that the "big Caroline" (another Caroline who is 4) was going to be there, she said "I see big Ca-wine for Smockadot". :-)
*Her eating stills waxes and wanes. Sometimes she inhales food and some nights (like tonight), she eats 3 bites of pizza.
*She mixes up some prepositions; she says "I go to the door" instead of "in the door".
*I can officially say that she is completely potty trained (well, until I actually wrote these words--I'm sure tomorrow will involve 3 or 4 accidents now!).
*She doesn't take naps often at school but still takes really good ones at home (yay!!).
*She loves to sing--some of her favorites are Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
*She jumps all. the. time. She jumps while she's walking, off curbs, off the bottom step, off of Max's stairs, off of everything at Gymboree. It exhausts me to watch her.
*She is starting to get more coordinated. Kristin still swears she's normal but with a drunk kid run (which is improving, thank goodness!!). She loves to pretend the curbs are her balance beams.
*She still loves all things princess. Her favorite was Tiana but Rapunzel has taken her place for now.
*She keeps telling me that we need to go back to Disney World. Smart kid. :-)
*Sometimes when you ask her a question, she likes to say "ummmmm" before she answers (ex--last night I asked her if she was eating her dinner and she replied, "").
*She has to have all of her boo boos kissed and will ask, "want me kiss it" if she hears you say "ouch". She will then say, "it all better". Sweet girl.

Picture time!
Ice cream from the Dreamette--yum!

Filling up her jewelry box (a potty training reward)

Wearing Mommy's socks

Sometimes a girl just has to accessorize...

Tball time!

This girl likes her bling! :-)

Top lip stuck out--the look of concentration (usually seen while painting)


Owen and Erin

Two is a big age, isn't it??? She is precious.

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