Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A linky paty: If we were neighbors...

If we were neighbors, you would know that I don't drink coffee but I would (sheepishly) tell you that you're more than welcome to make a pot in my coffee maker since I have no idea how. Then I'd mix up a mug of instant French vanilla cappuccino for myself. We'd kick off our flip flops and get comfy on the couch while our little ones played nicely with the toys that cover my living room floor and cause my house to resemble a daycare.

I'd tell you that we can't talk about The Help just yet. I'm pecking away at it a little at a time and wish I had one of those pre-baby Saturdays where I could lay in bed all day and finish an entire book. We would catch up on all the mindless TV that we watch: who do you think The Bachelor will pick (I really hope it's Emily because she's had a hard life and deserves to be happy), who did you like on American Idol last night (love Paul's unusual voice and geeky, cool Casey), and what did you think about Teen Mom 2 (my heart breaks for Leah--I can't imagine dealing with a baby who has something wrong with her and they can't figure out what's going on). We would both laugh that we are probably killing our brain cells with all of the reality TV but are so thankful for DVR so we don't miss any of it!

Then I would tell you about all of the exciting things I've got going on right now. I'd start off by showing you the best Valentine's Day present I've ever gotten:

I would tell you how excited and intimidated I was when John bought if for me. And I would tell you that I'm so glad I have friend (Kristin) with some sewing experience who came to play with me because I would probably still be trying to thread my bobbin if I was trying to figure it out alone. I would also show you what we made after about 6 1/2 hours of playing:

I'd explain that we didn't just make one, we made 4 of these plus a burp cloth. Yea us! And I'd ask if you wanted one for your girls since we have orders for 3 more already! I'd also tell that I'm totally addicted and ask if you wanted to come play with us next time.

You'd ask me how my new business was going because you would know that I just finished my training to sell Kelly's Kids clothes. I would tell you that my brain is completely full after the 2 hours of webinar training and that I only have a couple of days to get parties booked or they won't send me my clothing kit. Then I'd ask if you wanted to host a party and try to entice you by telling you that you earn free clothes if you do! I'd also thank you ahead of time for making a button for me to advertise on your blog as soon as I can get my picture to you.

I'd take a minute to brag because I just found out today that Caroline was chosen to be a model for Luv-Me-Knot Boutique! That means we get to take a trip to Tampa for a photo shoot--fun times! She also gets to keep whatever super cute outfit she wears. I am so excited!!

And before I let you finally talk since I've been rambling on and on, I'd ask if you thought Caroline's pigtails are as cute as I think they are...

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haha, don't living room looks like that, too. :)


I would love to be you neighbor... as it turns out we love the same shows! So happy Caroline was chosen, I voted for her!


LOve, love, love. ANd if Brad doesn't pick Emily, you will probably hear me yelling at him all the way in Florida. And please read like the wind-- I'm ready to hear what you think. :)

Owen and Erin

I would love to be your neighbor too!!! And we do watch the same shows :)So happy for Caroline and for you and all your exciting adventures. Love the St. Patty's Day shirt. You are talented!!

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