Sunday, May 29, 2011

1st Haircut!

I finally broke down and did it...I took Caroline for her 1st haircut. It seemed like her hair was pretty long in the back all of a sudden. Long and many different lengths. You might even have called it mullet-like, and it needed to be fixed. A friend had recommended a place called Doodle Doo's, and I'm so glad I took her advice! It was such a fun experience that I wasn't too traumatized! :-) First, Caroline got to pick out a movie to watch. With a little help from Mama, she picked Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Then she got to sit in a cute boat chair while the stylist blew some bubbles for her.

(She looks so solemn because she was sleeping in the car.)

She did great and didn't move too much while she was cutting. She didn't really even cut that much, but it seems so much shorter to me!

And then she had her 1st manicure! As part of the cut, they painted her nails with clear sparkly polish. I was really surprised that Caroline let her do it!

She put Caroline's hair in cute pigtails, added flower clips, and sprinkled a little glitter on her head. :-)

Caroline got to choose a lollipop, and then it was over. No tears from either one of us! :-)

Oh, and I got a cute certificate and a lock of her hair to add to her baby book, too!


Owen and Erin

What a fun experience!!! also love the tebow post...too funny.

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