Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 Month Photo Shoot with Danita

We had Caroline's 6 month pictures made by our wonderful photographer, Danita, on Saturday. We went to a couple of parks in San Marco and were very lucky there was a lot of shade and a little cloud coverage beacuse it was HOT! We started off with some family pictures with beautiful trees as our backdrop. Caroline loves to be outside, so she was a happy camper...until she face planted in the dirt! She was sitting on a red and white pillow, looking as adorable as ever, and I was holding her Gymbo puppet to get her to look at Danita. Well, I should have known this was going to happen: our little mover decided she wanted to come get the puppet, leaned forward, and ate dirt. Literally. She had dirt in her mouth, in her nose, between her fingers and toes, on her carefully ironed outfit...poor baby! She cried and cried. She had a tiny boo boo on her chin, and her gum was bleeding a little where her new teeth are coming in. I was really proud of myself--I remained calm and was really glad I had packed a bottle of water. We washed out her mouth; cleaned her nose, hands, and feet; and brushed off her outfit. She recovered pretty quickly, which was good becuase we had many more pictures to take! The ones of her sitting on the bench are the first ones made after her fall. What a trooper! Danita is so great and fun and has awesome ideas and props. Caroline handled all the costume changes well and proved to be a natural little model, even tilting her head for some of the shots! John keeps saying we need to get her into modeling. :-) Maybe I should look into that...then I wouldn't have to work any more! Ha! Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we did!
Click on "website", then "clients", then enter the password "caroline2"
PS--If you check out her blog, you can see some pictures from our maternity and newborn sessions too!



Oh Dara the pictures are so adorable!! I love the one of her 'blowing bubbles', the one in her blueoutfil with all of y'all is SO good. She really seemed to LOVe being in the grass, what a cutie!! BTW, LOVED the tutu!! :)

Owen and Erin

These pictures are great. I LOVE the ones in her tutu...and your family pic #1041 is my favorite.


ADORABLE! I love the grass pics! She also got some great family pics! How is the job stuff working out?

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