Monday, February 20, 2012

24, 25, & 26 Months

It is getting harder and harder to do these monthly updates. I swear Caroline learns something new every single day. She also fixates on something for a few days and then completely forgets about it (like saying "yes ma'am" to after almost everything I said to only answering "yeah"....did she turn into a teenager already??). Here are the growth stats from her 2 year appointment on 12/14/11:
weight: 26 lbs (45%)
height: 33" (25%--when she went to the ENT a couple of weeks ago, she was 33 1/2")
head circumference: 18 1/2" (40%)

Here are a few highlights from the past 3 months:
*She still is a terrible eater...unless it's a chocolate chip cookie. :-) She doesn't eat a big variety or very much of anything (except Multi-grain Cheerios...for about 3 weeks, she was eating about 3 bowls of them every morning). She will try just about anything I give her though and has started to eat more meat.
*She's on a kick now where she eats a couple of bites of dinner and then wants to get down. I make her sit for a little longer (hoping she'll take a few more bites), she gets down and plays, and then asks to eat more after the dishes have been cleared away. We're working on this...
*The tube in her left ear has fallen out but is still in her ear canal. The ear looks good though. The ARNP started her on a nasal spray once a day to help with some of the constant congestion that she seems to have.
*Some of her favorite sayings are: okey dokey artichokey, oopsey daisy, uh oh spaghetti-o, and whoa joe. Love it!
*She sings pretty frequently now and sometimes performs a mash-up (ABCEF...bringing home a baby [bumblebee] won't mommy be proud...twinkle little star up above....ABC--get the picture??).
*She is still such a little mommy with her babies--feeding them, putting them to bed, covering them up, going for a run with them in their stroller (monkey see, monkey do??). She's going to be a great big sister someday.
*The behavior problems have gotten better. She still has her moments, but the demon possessed meltdowns don't seem to be happening as frequently.
*People are really impressed with how much/well she talks. I graciously say thank you and admit that I'm a speech therapist. :-)
*Sometimes I wish she would stop talking. lol
*She can "spell" her name. While she was writing the other day, she busted out with "A R O N E". Not too bad for a 2 year old, especially for one with a long name!
*She loves to be outside to play with her balls, drive her car, "ride" her tricycle, and slide. I really wish we could put a swingset up in our yard.
*Her newest obsession is arts and crafts. She loves to draw, write, color, paint, cut, glue, string beads, put stickers on things and make things. I'm working on getting our craft cabinet stocked.
*She is really soooooo much fun (and then drive me crazy the next minute!), and I love our adventures we have!

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