Sunday, February 12, 2012

Christmas 2011...yes, I know it's almost Valentine's Day...

We had planned to stay in Jacksonville this Christmas, but my sweet hubby agreed to make the road trip to Hernando. :-) Gotta love that guy! I was super bummed about not being with my family and had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit until then. Santa was bringing Caroline a kitchen, so he stopped by our house a little early (on the 22nd) to deliver it. Without a doubt, it was a hit! John and I have been eating all sorts of yummy meals since then! She also got to open a ton of gifts from Uncle Bryan, Aunt Patricia, cousin Christian, Nana, Papa, Linda, and Daddy.

We loaded up on Friday (after a doctor visit and a breathing treatment for Caroline) and drove part of the way to Hernando. We got there around 2 on Christmas Eve and had time to go to church and get all the last minute Christmas stuff in order. It was great getting to be a part of baby Thomas' first Christmas and spending the day with my family! (Pretty sure the crying picture came after she opened her last!)

PS--I totally forgot to give credit to an awesome photographer in my Christmas letter. If you saw our Christmas card and thought "what a great picture!", it's all due to Brandi Akerstrom. She does the pictures for an awesome company called Smockatdot Kids and asked if I wanted Caroline to do a little modeling. Of course I said yes! And then she let me use one of the pictures for our card. Thanks, Brandi!!!


Owen and Erin

What a great holiday :)

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