Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday Parties Are Snow Much Fun!

Last weekend Caroline and I were invited to Luke's birthday party. He is one of the most special, awesome little kids I have ever met. I was very fortunate to meet him and his mom after following their story for a few months. Take a minute and read about his and his family's journey over the past year. Long story short...Luke was really sick and in the hospital last year on his birthday, so his parents told him that he could do whatever he wanted to this year. Well, what else would a Florida boy ask for?? SNOW! In the form of a 70 foot snow slide and a big ol' pile to make snowballs in. How fun is that?? We borrowed some snowman attire from our friend, Kailyn, and headed out. Caroline was beyond excited and had been talking about making snowballs at "Wuke's" birthday party for a few weeks. She had a great time! She was very brave and went down the big slide by herself one time. After that, she wasn't so sure about it. Brandi (Luke's mom) talked me into going down with her (ok, I'll be didn't take too much talking; I really wanted to try it!). As soon as we were at the bottom, she asked "I go again, Mommy?". So we did. 5 more times. :-) Check out how awesome it was!
Sweet Luke

Brandi finally did it!


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